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Centered’s greatest purpose is to serve the greater good by helping displaced women. Project: Displaced Women, wants to provide them with basic necessities  and be an advocate for their right to a decent living, healthcare and opportunities to get back on their feet. Assisting in making sure that they keep their dignity as human beings and encourage them to rise above their situation is imperative. Partnering with, helping and promoting organizations that are making a difference in the lives of women and girls worldwide, will also be one of the functions of Centered. This will be done in hopes that bringing awareness will  encourage others to get involved.

Another very important aspect of this blog, is to ensure that Afro Latina women and girls embrace every part of who they are and are proud of their heritage. This will be a place where, based on personal experience,  I write about being an black latina and how that may translate over in America, Latin America and Caribbean countries. This space will celebrate the African Diaspora as a whole and all women alike, and from time to time, film that embodies the purpose of this blog will be highlighted.

The ultimate  goal of Centered is to turn Project: Displaced Women & Girls (Proyecto: Mujeres y niñas Desplazadas) into  a non profit organization that makes a difference in the lives of these women and in the world.