Millions of Americans tuned into the Superbowl this past weekend, it is one of the greatest events of the year and for a non-sports person like myself, the “Superbowl magic” takes over  and makes me watch.  But I am not even going to sit here and lie to you guys though, I fell asleep right before the Patriots started making a comeback.  Yup, you can definitely judge me and I cannot be mad at that.

Anyway, in honor of one my favorite parts of the super bowl, the commercials,  this will be a post about my favorite ones that I like to call: “meaningful feel goods”.  With everything going on in our country now days, I opted for the ones that weren’t too heavy but that had, I believe, powerful meanings and they made me feel good (hence the title). If you caught them too, good for you but if you didn’t, enjoy!

    1. A 10 Haircaire: In for 4 years of bad hair (sorry, this made me laugh). To me, this wasn’t only about hair, it was about inclusion.  Loved it!
    2. Audi: Father- Daughter. “Equal Work, Equal Pay”
    3. Avocados from Mexico #Avosecrets. My thoughts: basically, no wall.
    4. Airbnb: (We accept). More Inclusion!

Honestly, there were many others that I also enjoyed. I doted on the Nintendo one because the girl had this beautiful natural curly hair and I am a Nintendo fan. I actually own the old school Nintendo that was re-released (judge me not!).  Another good one was the 84 Lumber with the mother and daughter making that journey towards the Mexican border. This ad highlighted, to me, the determination, resilience and strength of the immigrant. This is something that my family and I can relate to because we are immigrants ourselves. After googling 84 Lumber though, I purposely decided  not to place this in my top list because I found some “interesting” facts *side eye*.

Moving on, it is clear that current political events are  affecting many areas in our country, including our super bowl commercials. Whether these companies created these ads  because they truly believe in them or just to draw in customers, it is interesting to see many of them taking clear stands on current issues.  I take my hat off to them because despite the risk of loosing customers that may not agree,  they invested  in compelling, true,  feel good and sometimes comical advertising.  So, my message to these companies is: Know that  if there is ever a time that I need what you sell, I will buy. 

To my readers, if you enjoy Superbowl commercials as much as I do, I hope you enjoyed these.